Taigang Mould Co., Ltd. is a well-known non-standard mold blank production company. Located in Shutian, Humen, the medium and large non-standard mold embryos we produce are of reliable quality and have established a good image in the Pearl River Delta region. Favored by mold manufacturers who have cooperated. In order to meet the needs of our customers, our equipment is precision CNC, horizontal machines, Yomen, side milling and other advanced equipment after 2017. We have a group of high-quality and high-tech professionals with professional knowledge and continuous pursuit of excellence. Technical personnel and management personnel. The company adheres to customer needs as the center, while focusing on the Pearl River Delta market, it also sends its backbones to study and visit customers frequently. With the company's superb technology and high-quality products, it has won praise and trust from many partners. It has established a good image of company quality in the Pearl River Delta .... 【Learn more】




  • Address: Room 101, No. 2, Yutian North Road, Shu'an, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

  • E-mail:sales@taigangmould.com

  • Phone:0769-85712710-8001

  • Mobile phone:18666439572 Miss He

  • Web:www.taigangmould.com


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